The Yearly Spring Roundup (Rodeo)

In 1947 Montana State College (now Montana State University) hosted its first collegiate rodeo competition inviting Montana State University (now University of Montana) and  the North Dakota Teachers College (now Mayville State University).

This last weekend MSU hosted it’s 68th Rodeo gathering in the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse and the spirit of the Old West and healthy competition between rivals was alive and well. Events ranged from breakout roping to goat tying with competitors from nine other Montana and Wyoming schools.


Curious about how MSU can host a basketball game, indoor track meets, AND a rodeo in Worthington Arena. Check out the work put in to cover the indoor track surface with a surface more conducive to horse hooves and cowboy boots:

One last thing: check it out we made a Buzzfeed list!

The 27 Most Underrated Colleges in America


Bozeman for a Lifetime

Once again, Bozeman has made national rankings! The article, which lists the top 50 College Towns to Live In Forever, puts Bozeman in the 14th spot, the only Montana town to make the list. Just another reason our students love this city, even after graduation! You can check out the link below by the photo, or like our Facebook page to read further:

CRanker-Banner-50CollegeTowns (1)

Come See Us!

We would like to invite you all to come see what Montana State University has to offer. Designated as a top tier research and community engagement institution, MSU is the number one choice in the state for Montana and out-of-state students alike. We understand that college is a big decision and that it is important to make sure that MSU is the right place for you!

We have two different options for visiting campus, either through a weekday campus visit or an MSU Friday.

What is MSU Friday? 

MSU Friday is an all-day, on-campus program which offers an in-depth preview of college life at Montana State University. Prospective students and their families will have the opportunity to meet with faculty and students, explore academic facilities, tour the campus, and investigate possibilities for financial aid and scholarships. We have two MSU Fridays left this semester, March 6th and March 27th. For more information about MSU Friday or how to sign up, please visit

What can I do during a weekday campus visit? 

The possibilities are endless for your visit to campus. We offer group walking tours, housing tours, and tours of our fitness and outdoor recreation facilities. We would also be able to set up individual meetings for you with an admissions representative, a specific academic department, or any specialized services that you may be interested in. To set up a campus visit, please visit

We would love to have you on campus and show you everything that Montana State University can offer you as a student. MSU can provide countless opportunities for you to explore you interests and pursue your passions both inside and outside of the classroom.

Come check out MSU and the Bozeman community and see for yourself why Bozeman has been ranked as #11 on the top best places to live!

A view of Gallatin Valley

Deadlines are Just Around the Corner!

It is hard to believe, but priority deadlines for both Residence Life and Financial Aid are just around the corner! March 1st marks the priority deadlines for both of these offices! Be sure to submit your applications in order to be in the best position to get your top choice for residence halls, as well as Grant, Loan and Work Study opportunities at MSU. Residence Life

If you have any questions regarding the application processes for either of these offices, feel free to contact them at any time. You can reach Residence Life at, and Financial Aid at You can also call their offices at (406)994-2661 or (406)994-2845, respectively.

Thanks for reading, and as always…


Talent at MSU

Last week I went to MSU’s International Variety Show: Around the World on Stage. Now you may already know that MSU has students attending from 60 different countries but did you know they were so talented?!

With a fresh coat of paint Reynolds Recital Hall hosted Japanese street dancers, a Turkish pop singer, a Gamelan ensemble, an Argentine puppeteer (my personal favorite), and traditional Indian dancers.


When you arrive at MSU you can get to know these students by joining our Friends International Buddy Program. There’s no need to stop there; go visit another country yourself! MSU has a huge variety of schools in almost 60 countries. Learn more for yourself here:

Go Cats!


Shooting for the Stars!

Pun intended, MSU students are reaching new levels of space exploration with the launch of two more satellites, FIREBIRD 3 and 4. The FIREBIRD satellites are a collaborative effort between MSU and the University of New Hampshire to gather information about electron loss in the Van Allen Radiation Belts and how it affects our planet.

About an hour or so after the launch, MSU’s satellite development program will be featured on NASA TV, which is broadcast on YouTube and every NASA facility. A live interview with one of our students will be aired, along with more videos about the program.

Be sure to check it out! ( or watch on YouTube later!)


Coming Soon to MSU….

Montana State University’s campus has hosted numerous famous artists and speakers throughout its history. From Tom Petty to Maya Angelou to Toby Keith to Snoop Dogg, we have had a wide array of performers and inspirational speakers on our campus. This semester, we are excited to welcome the following public figures to Bozeman!

February 28th: Harlem Globetrotters

March 4th: Neil deGrasse Tyson

April 22nd and 23rd: Jason Aldean, Cole Swindell and Tyler Farr

April 30th: Blue Man Group

May 23rd: Eric Church

Since the tickets sold out so quickly for the first show, it was announced today that Jason Aldean will be playing two shows during his stop in Bozeman. This is the only second time in the state of Montana’s history that a band has played two consecutive shows, and the first time this is happened at the Brick Breeden Fieldhouse.

We are ready for another exciting and entertaining semester here at Montana State University and cannot wait to see the shows!



MSU goes to the depths of the Sea in the name of SCIENCE!!

The research opportunities that Montana State University offers has taken its students all over the world. Walking across MSU’s campus, it is not uncommon to come across students researching microorganisms living in our own back yard within the geological features of Yellowstone National Park, or in sub-glacial lakes miles beneath the Antarctic crust; or maybe they have just returned from digging wells in rural Kenya through our Engineers Without Boarders group. As a student, the possibilities for hands on research opportunities can take you across the globe, into outer space, or most recently, to the very depths of the sea!


Recently, both graduates and undergraduate students from MSU were involved in an international research effort, looking into the circulation patterns of the oceans over 20,000 years ago! While most would consider this more of a history effort than anything else, the overriding goals of this project are to asses how these patterns impact climate change(s), and even the oceans ability to take in carbon dioxide!

Click here to learn more about this amazing research effort, and everything that went into it!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read the blog, and, as always…

Go Cats!!

PS. It should be noted that the ship that took the researchers on this voyage is the same ship that led researchers to the sunken Titanic in 1985! How cool is that!?

Jabs Hall Close-up

Next week we’ll be welcoming back our students; while they were away the admissions staff got to take a tour of the soon to be completed Jabs Hall. Plans to open the doors have the building completed in May and ready to open for classes for the Fall of 2015.

The interior currently looks like a normal construction site with a few exciting features taking shape. Classrooms with plenty of windows for sunshine and offices are of course a big part of the building but students can also look forward to some great new study space, indoors and outdoors; stunning views; and a new coffee spot with a few food options!


Let’s talk about environmental impact and sustainability: venting systems to cool the building down overnight in the summer, wide windows and a passive solar wall to generate heat in the summer, and even a few walls built using recycled glass from a community collection effort. Don’t forget about the human factor: plenty of natural light, a fireplace, open concept, and central location will make this a desirable meeting place for every student.


New Jabs Hall - Under Construction

It’s a time of new beginnings!

For many MSU students this past weekend, it was the day they had been working towards for years. This past Saturday, our students walked across the stage to receive their hard-earned diploma from our President. Our new Bobcat graduates can take pride in their dedication, and tireless efforts towards pursuing their dreams. Congratulations to all of our newest grads!

fall grad 2014

Along with promising futures for our students, our Strand Union Building is looking forward to a new face lift as well! The SUB ballrooms will be undergoing renovations until March 2015. The floors, the walls, the lighting, everything will be sparkling new! We will even have conference screens, so even if you find yourself far away from the stage, you can still see our speakers. Take a look at some of the planned modifications below:

I:9-00009-00214 Project Administration130 DrawingsSUB 201